Featured Artists

Primarily our gallery represents artists who live(d) and work(ed) in the United States. However, we also feature works by a limited number of artists from other countries as well.

Please use the lists below to see biographies of well-know oil painting artists, watercolor artists, ceramic artists, glass artists and their work. After each artist's name in the "Painting Artists" section, the designation "(Oil)" indicates oil painting, and "(WC)" indicates watercolor painting being the artist's primary medium.

Painting Artists

Adams, Charles Partridge (Oil)
Attridge, Charles F. (Oil)
Bain, Emily Johnston (Oil)
Baldwin, Gilbert E. (Oil)
Bell, William Earle (Oil)
Birren, Joseph P. (Oil)
Blackman, William Henry (Oil)
Blandin, Ethel Irene (Oil)
Borhigit, Haobisi (Ink on Paper)
Chaney, Lester J. (Oil)
Cimiotti, Gustave (Oil)
Cilfone, Gianni (Oil)
Clusmann, William (Oil, WC)
Coblentz, George William (Oil)
de Diego, Julio (Oil)
DeHaven, Franklin (Oil)
von Dewitz, Arden (Oil)
Dou, Kimberly (Watercolor)
Eaton, Charles W. (Oil)
Ericson, David (Oil)
Faig, Frances Wiley (Oil)
Foster, Don (Oil)
Fox, Mary B. (Oil)
Gutknecht, Anton (Oil)
Hafer, Helen Luton (Oil)
Hallberg, Charles E. (Oil)
Hamilton, Stephen (Oil)
Hancock, W. Harold (Acrylic)
Hansen, John Conrad (Oil)
Hare, David (Oil)
Hassler, Gladys Lockhart (Oil)
Heinze, Adolph (Oil)
Hoerman, Carl (Oil)
Holland, Dean (Oil)
Huntsman, Ray (Oil)
Inglis, John J. (Oil)
Jiang, Qigu "Sy" (Ink, Oil)
Jeffreys, Arthur Bishop (Oil)
Kilbert, Robert P. (Oil/Gouache)
Killgore, Charles P. (Oil)
Lavalle, John (WC)
Logan, Roland "Kickapoo" (Oil)
Loomis, Andrew (Watercolor)
Lundmark, Leon (Oil)
Lynde, Taylor (Oil)
Mashburn, W. E. (Oil)
Matson, Victor S. (Oil)
McCullough, Jean (Oil)
McDonald, Irene (Oil)
McNear, Everett C. (Oil)
Miller, Evylena Nunn (Oil)
Milleson, Royal H. (Oil)
Miner, Edger O. (Oil)
Mintz, Harry S. (Oil)
Modesitt, John (Oil)
Nutsch, John Konrad (Oil)
Oppelt, Mary (Oil)
Owes, Clyde Hager (Oil)
Podchernikoff, Alexis Matthew (Oil)
Polkinghorne, Jack Lee (Oil)
Raab, George (Oil)
Raffel, Alvin Robert (Oil)
Ran, In-Ting (WC)
Reynolds, Wellington J. (Oil)
Schultz, George F. (Oil, WC)
Schneidau, Christian Von (Oil)
Selander, Arthur Alexander (Oil)
Shaw, Harry Hutchinson (Oil)
Sheffer, Glen C. (Oil)
Soyer, Raphael (Oil)
Spelman, John A. (Oil)
Svendsen, Svend Rasmussen (Oil)
Thiem, Herman C. (Oil)
Timmons, Edward J. Finley (Oil)
Topping, James (Oil)
Vail, Ruth (Oil)
Venard, Claude (Oil)
Ware, Rosa Marie (Oil)
Watt, Harold "Hal" (Oil)
Wheeler, Farris Warren (Oil)
Wiegand, Gustave (Oil)
Williams, Florence White (WC)
Winans, Lynn (Oil)
Young, Harold Vernon (Oil)
Zhu, Ping (Oil)
Ziroli, Nicola Victor (Casein)
Ceramic Artists

Cohn, Abraham
Adams, Laurie V.
Arnow, Edna
Davis, Jerry
Father Anthony
Fuchs. Donald
George, Kenneth
Gruchalla / Rosetti
Harris, Lisa
Harwell, Edith
Jeselskis, Paul M.
Mideke, Louis
Pottery Boys, The
Spörck, Karl
Reinholdtsen, Regnor
Turner, Tom
Wetzel, Jonathan
Glass Artists

Machart, George
Sigwarth, Douglas & Renee
Zmina, Linda

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